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Addiction Treatment Centers in Columbus OH

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Choose top 10 drug rehabs and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Columbus, Ohio based on ratings, reviews, specialties, and insurance policies.

Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

Ohio Addiction Treatment Center provides unique needs to their clients and creates a wide variety of substance abuse treatment programs which enables and empower the patients to accomplish and sustain lifelong recovery from substances like drug and alcohol addiction. They believe that healing is possible because they have witnessed it in their own lives and the lives of their clients. According to this center, each and every individual is unique, and they provide qualified professionals and specialists work closely with each and every person struggling with addiction and discover their strengths and weaknesses by systematically providing holistic treatment program. Their center provides knowledgeable and licensed staff in a fresh and secure atmosphere for their clients.

Columbus Addiction Center

Columbus Addiction Center is placed on Morse Road in the city of Columbus which is located in Franklin County. They are conveniently positioned 1.5 miles west of Interstate 270. The Center is 11.9 miles from downtown Columbus and which is easily accessible from John Glenn International Airport. According to Columbus Addiction Center, dependence is an overwhelming experience for a person and their loved ones. Their main intention is to support their clients and their loved ones those who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. They believe that the difficulties faced by people those who are addicted to substance abuse like drug and alcohol addiction. So, They have developed multiple programs to benefit their clients and remind them that they are not alone.

House of Hope For Alcoholics

The House of Hope for Alcoholics is found at 825 Dennison Avenue. The members of the Columbus Area Council on Alcoholism was established in 1958 and Organized in April 1959, that provides a safe place for residents of Franklin County, Ohio to discover a way to live modern, calm, and healthy lifestyle by offering services that are intended to satisfy the individual requirements of both male and female to recover from addiction. In this center, they are committed to offering the greatest services possible to those with the resources by providing quality programs to their clients to recover from the illness of addiction. At House of Hope, they provide substance abuse treatment services to those who are addicted to it, by offering this treatments and services they can maximize their potential, enhance productive members of the community, and win the battle of addiction.

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