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Corten Steel S355J2WP+N Plate & Sheet Manufacturer

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Corten Steel Tube is well known in India for producing high-quality S355J2WP+N Corten Steel Plate & Sheet. We offer various types of S355J2WP+N platesCorten Steel Tube is one of the leading industries in the supply of high-quality products like these. Aside from our established manufacturing operations, we are also one of the leading exporters, wholesalers, and traders in the competitive market of S355JOWP equivalent PLATES. Plates and their related products are manufactured to national and international standards. In addition, structural weathering steel Sheet and atmospheric corrosion resistant steel Sheet are other names used to describe ASME S355JOWP + N Corrosion Resistant Steel Sheet.

Both the names are frequently in the application industries where they are widely used. These plates are also available in various sizes, shapes, alloys, dimensions, designations, thickness, standards, specification, etc. These plates also include many different types of elements and are available in variant sizes, shapes, ranges, alloys, grades, specifications, etc. Thus, customers have wide options on plates and they can order according to their requirements. The availability of raw materials also impacts steel production. If there is a shortage of a raw material used to make steel, production will slow and available supply will deplete, which could place upward pressure on steel plate price. A recent example of a natural disaster that disrupted supply and demand is the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for steel plate recovered at a much faster pace than supply, as many steel mills slowed production during the pandemic. This caused steel plate prices to rapidly rise in late 2020 through 2021 as demand outpaced available supply.

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Type of Classified: New
Price: $99.00
Condition: Excellent
Acceptable Payment Types: Cash, Check


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