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Does Charcoal Face Wash remove blackheads?

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No, the charcoal face wash does not help to clear the blackheads from the skin. The main purpose of the charcoal face wash is to deeply cleanse the skin and make it free from all impurities. The skin feels clean and thoroughly cleansed with regular use of Sanctus Charcoal Face Wash. The activated charcoal face wash only helps to clear the skin and prevent the blackheads from developing. The blackheads are an outcome of the accumulation of dirt and other pollutants on the skin for a long period of time. The skin should be cleansed and made to be clear so as to be able to repel the blackheads.

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The Activated Charcoal Face Wash is mostly suggested for all - imperfect, oily, amalgamation & normal skin types. The deep detoxifying action of Activated Charcoal & Lemon Peel Extracts can carry toxins to the outside to clear them from your system.

Activated Charcoal Face Wash Continued use will result in increasingly clearer, balanced, blemish-free & radiant skin. This creamy slate gray liquid is enriched with aloe vera leaf extracts, essential oils, vitamins, lemon peel oil & activated charcoal.

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activated charcoal face wash:195
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