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Hi Everyone, Ms Sonya here. My sons home and town of Terrebone Parrish (Houma)has been totally devastated. He has no running water, no electricity, horrible phone service. My son among so many other people have lost everything! His home was damaged to the extent that it is not safe to be inside and non livable. I recently went down there with a truck load of donations that consisted of food and water but that did not last very long. This community is in need of everything, water, power, rental housing, toiletries, and the list goes on.. My son recently lost his grandmother and his dad and now he lost his home. I have always done what I could to help others and now I am asking for everyone to pull together and help my son and all of his co workers that have been devastated by this catastrophic storm.

These guys are essential workers. Houma is the oil, gas, and fishing industry. Please help these guys rebuild and get back on their feet.

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