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We have the best Kanoti Earrings for you; the Kanoti Earrings are made with silver and lab-created stones by CZ. These beautiful pieces are created by crafters who make genuine jewellery with top-class finishing and evergreen designs. So in case you are travelling, these Kanoti Earrings are perfect for journeying purposes & destination weddings.

As long as you don't lock them up, you can leave them on your dresser or side table.

The Kanoti Earrings Online is made with silver and lab-created stones by CZ. They are made by craftsmen who make real jewelry. Therefore, these jewellery pieces have top class finishing. They are very good for traveling purposes & destination weddings. Avoid getting stuck at customs with these type of jewelery. These can be left just on your dresser or side table, without having to worry about locking them up.

These big Kanoti Earrings are finished with 18K gold polish, which delays tarnishing for 2-3 years.

These Latest Kanoti Earrings are made in silver so it might tarnish over the years. We advice our customers to keep the jewellery away from direct contact with water, and wrapped in soft cloth when not wearing.

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