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Pink Rock Salt Importers and Exporters in India

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Apart from its attractive color, as a Himalayan Rock Salt manufacturer, we ensure that Himalayan Pink Salt has many health benefits. We operate as a leading Himalayan Rock Salt Exporter and Importer of Pink Rock Salt and all these products are procured from certified vendors after implementing strict quality-control tests.

The following bleaching and separating the salt of all its nutrients are then injected with iodine. Synthetic iodine is more difficult to absorb than the natural iodine that is added regularly. To neutralize every gram of salt that your body cannot break down, your body needs 20 times more water than normal.

It is also worth noting that pink salt contains all 84 minerals found in nature without any human intervention. We can claim that as the top Himalayan Rock Salt Manufacturer. It is a powerful detoxifier for the body. In general, salt helps move toxins from healthy cells into the circulation, helping you rid your body of harmful chemicals.

Being a Himalayan Rock Salt exporter, we confirm that it contains 84 minerals that are good for you. Iron, calcium, iodine, and potassium are just some of the healthiest minerals on this list. For more information visit website:

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Type of Classified: New
Price: $100.00
Condition: Excellent
Acceptable Payment Types: Cash


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