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SA213 T2 Tubes

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SA213 T2 Tubes is one of the most versatile metal alloy materials used in manufacturing and fabrication. SA213 T2 Tubes are manufactured through an extrusion process where the tube is drawn from a solid stainless steel billet and extruded into a hollow form; it is a hollow cross section and both sides of the expansion of the resistance. First the billets are heated and after that it is formed into circular moulds that are hollowed in a piercing mill. And the moulds are drawn through a mandrel rod and elongated, while it is hot.

The mandrel milling process increases the moulds length by 20 times to form SA213 T2 Tubes. It needs extremely high quality and dimensions and a variety of steel grades which is suited to usage situations. To fully meet these requirements, we have come up with a secure system through years of experience and leading engineering processes, as a backdrop. SA213 T2 Tubes is manufactured based on a strict quality design and quality control, ranging from raw materials to final products and on an integrated production system.

Alloy Steel T2 Seamless Tubing has properties which provide the ability to withstand higher pressure, superior corrosion resistance and strength. SA213 T2 Tubes are used in applications such as oil and gas control lines, chemical injection lines; fluid and gas transfer, chemical processing plant steam and heat trace bundles. SA213 T2 Tubes material exhibits higher creep strengths than plain carbon steels, and are widely used in high-temperature boiler service. These steels nominally contain 0.5% molybdenum. When exposed to temperatures above 850-900F for long periods of time, it is also prone to graphitization.

SA213 T2 Tubes are suitable for supporting the passage of gas at high temperatures, and for this reason they are generally made through cold drawing, which gives the pipe a mechanical compactness of considerable efficiency. There are endless variations of SA213 T2 Tubes, since they can be made with different diameters and thicknesses, as well as with steel equipped with various characteristics depending on the expected use. SA213 T2 Tubes requires heat treating to achieve some of the improved properties like toughness, strength, hardness, hardenability, corrosion and wear resistance.

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