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Looking to settle the sativa Vs indica debate once and for all In this post, you will learn about some sativa medical benefits and where to buy sativa online.

Sativa is one of the most soothing, pain-relieving, and sedating strains of cannabis viewed by professionals for medical treatment. Although cannabis and its various strains like Sativa and Indica are used for recreation, it's due to the THC content. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol.

It takes nearly 6 months for the cannabis plants to yield high-quality aka "pure" sativa strains. It has grown well in equatorial regions around the world in countries with warmer temperatures. It has a relaxing blend of terpenes and active cannabinoids to deliver an energizing effect.

High-quality sativa strains are typically well-suited for those looking towards a creativity boost. However, since the recreational drug market in the US is facing more and more regulation, pure sativa strains are stripped of their THC content.

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